Work Experience

General Motors (2017 – Present)
Propulsion Systems Embedded Controls
Milford, Michigan

Controller Test Engineer

  • Initiated open-source model development of tools and libraries to support troubleshooting, testing, and calibration activities
  • Utilized Python data analytics libraries such as pandas to perform software and data analysis
  • Automated highly complex and manual processes quickly to increase quality and reduce repetitive workload

Controller Integration Engineer

  • Developed and Maintained automated Key Behavioral Tests, written in Python, for Electronic Control Units (Transmission)
  • Provided system-level software configuration parameters (calibrations) for vehicle programs – particularly involving CAN communications
  • Used industry-standard tools such as dSpace, INCA, Lauterbach, Vehicle Spy, and Vector tools to perform testing and troubleshooting activities
  • Led meetings and projects to implement efficiency and productivity improvements
  • Performed troubleshooting activities including extensive low-level software debugging and CAN bus analysis
  • Obtained Design For Six Sigma – black-belt certification
  • Trained and Mentored new-hires

Independent Contractor / Freelance (2016)
Client – EuroGyro
Akron, Ohio

iOS Application Developer

  • Worked closely with customer to design mobile application to facilitate menu browsing, navigation directions to restaurants, and online ordering
  • Developed application using Swift and XCode
  • Deployed application to App Store

Diebold Nixdorf (2012-2017)
ATM Logical Security
North Canton, Ohio

Software Engineer (2015-2017)

  • Maintained mission-critical software distribution and installation software
  • Developed automated unit testing to increase code quality of internally developed software
  • Analyzed over-reaching dependency, usability, and security implications of system changes during design phase
  • Developed new features and enhanced compatibility and readability of security software solutions
  • Advocated for and implemented generalization and abstraction of software components to better accommodate quickly evolving requirements

Software Engineer (Co-Op) – (2012 – 2015)

  • Developed a mobile-friendly web application using ASP.NET, jQuery, and other web technologies
  • Maintained a custom solution for remote deployment of critical system updates
  • Developed software utilizing RSA tokens for traceable, secure maintenance
  • Tested and helped troubleshoot development of an embedded system used for encryption of USB traffic
  • Deployed a custom build system using TFS, including hardware-based unit testing
  • Tested and improved software used for demonstrating ATMs and testing their devices

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